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Agostino Codazzi biography

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This site is about the biography and works of Agostino Codazzi,
a map maker of the XIX century who also fighted in the Napoleonic wars.

This web was only half of the project that we made. The other half was the development of a cd rom with exactly the same contents of the website.


All texts and images were supplied by the historic Giorgio Antei, and the database of manuscripts (included in the 2011 extension) by the Biblioteca Nacional de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

When this project was finished, we were entitle to extend the job with a DVD version with much more images and cards.

Technical Analysis

The first part of this project was the development of a CD-ROM. In that time (2006), interactive CD roms were hugely sold, and we were entitled to develop this software to disclose the biography of this extraordinary man, Agostino Codazzi. For that purpose, we used Adobe Director (then called Macromedia Director), hand by hand with the historian Giorgio Antei.

We designed the serigraphy and printing jobs for the CD Rom, and further on for the DVD version.

The second part, the website, was developed using the same layout and color scheme as we designed for the CD Rom. Getting as close a possible with the CD interaction, we used Ajax and some Javascript effects to navigate on the enlargable images.

In 2011, we made the layour larger, and added some extra effects. Among all this , a whole new section was required: The manuscripts.