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Altair 4 is our main partner when we woek closer to the multimedia / design industry. Our company, Cobianzo Communication© is born actually from the core of Altair 4.

That’s why we have been entrusted to develop Altair 4’s website since their main reestructuration in 2004. Since then, we have built the website from scratch 3 times.

Technical Analysis

Initially (the first time Altair 4’s website was developed) it was built on ASP with the main part of the homepage in Flash, which connected to the database (a flat Access DB) to display the latest news. The CMS was a home-made control panel made by ourselves. It was back on 2004, when stable CMS in PHP were not as popular as they are now.

After several adjustments, later on 2010 we decided to build up the site again, over the platform of WordPress. Same design, but improved, and replacing the Flash part with DHTML we developed a flat different layout for mobile devices. We decided to change hosting provider, and contracted Google Apps for business to handle email accounts, calendar and contacts. This was an important step forward… then the responsive web showed up 🙂



Late on 2013 the site was built again from scratch following a similar criteria on the design, focusing on the responsiveness of the layout and adapting it to the new web trends, giving a minimalist and practical focus to the entire site.