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BYDT branding project

A whole campaign for renovable energy

Branding, Print, Web
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Bioenergía y Desarrollo Tecnológico is another of our customers based in León. We developed a whole media campaign in 2009. Since then, we offered regular services os consultancy and advertisement tasks.

After more than 5 years we didn’t change the design, and we have to say that we are pretty happy with the layout still today.

Our work entailed the development and promotion of the website, including hosting and email account services, search engine optimization and promotion in local media, corporative identity, shoting of promotional videos and printing jobs.

Lately in 2014 we have slightly readapted the website to enforce security and apply a more solid multilingual plugin.

Technical Analysis

For the website we developed the site in WordPress. We chose a simple, clear and standar layout based on the corporative colors that our graphic team decided for the corporative identity. We developed the logo in the idea of a flower mixed with a screw, based in the idea of renovable sources and technology.

In 2009, we didn’t find a good multilingual plugin that satisfy us, so we created our own. Email accounts were hosted by gmail, as usual.

We launched a small campaign for promotion in local media, such as newspapers and technical magazines. Some of the technics we used at that time have remained obsoletes today (such as using images for the texts instead of web fonts, as they didn’t exist at that time), but still the overall website look actual nowadays.