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Christmas charity campaign

2013 Christmas with a nice small project for charity

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This was a little website to support a Christmas charity campaign for the final client RRDonnelley.

Customers bought a Xmas postcard in the shop by the amount of the donation price. There, in the card,
they found a code and the instructions of how to submit the donation. By using this simple site (4 clean windows), they could introduce the code and we sent an email and update a file with the record of the donations.

Technical analysis

This site had to be simple, with a clear layout and a minimum of information for the final user, who was already aeare of the use of this web beforehand. So the layout was a simple, responsive and clean scrollable window which had 4 stages: 2 for introduction, one to use the code written in the postcard and a final window for confirmation. The behaviour of the scroll (using either mouse or arrows) relied on the jQuery fullpage plugin, completely responsive.

To avoid eventual problems in the final setup, we decided to do without the database: a simple txt file with the corresponding security settings should be enough to store the date, name, code and email of the donator. An automatic email was sent to the administrator of the site right after the submission.