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This project was developed hand by hand with our old partner, Altair4 Multimedia. The project was far larger than this swebsite (it is a promotional website of a work which entailed a CD rom and interative DVD, video and promotion), but we were entitled to develop just the site.

The website is aimed to show the wonders of the Magna Graecia, in the Agrigento region, Sicily. Here you can visit the two sarchaeological sites: Eraclea Minoa and Agrigento, and get the best information ever about its monuments.

Cards with extensive hyperlinks on concepts, pictures of the site, and overall, 3D interactive reconstructions that explain better than 1000 words how the site used to be 2500 years ago.


Together with Altair 4, we decided to give an original perspective to the layout, never seen before on the web at the development time, in 2006.

This layout was defined based on the original DVD, which was the core of the project.

Still today, almost one decade after, the site is a great place to visit, intuitive, complete, professional, and an excelent tool to understand how these amazing sites used to look like.

Technical Analysis

We found several problems to solve due to the exigences of this particular layout, where a bottom navigation bar allows you to chose the 3d reconstruction of the monument you want to visit.

On the other hand, we opted by using Flash and Quicktime componentes for the interactive 3D reconstructions itself. At that time there was no alternative to create those interactive effects (fade in before-now views and 360ยบ rotation views).

The site was developed in 4 languages, and the texts were provided by the specialist and translators in files. We developed a system to load the contents of the site straight away from those files.

We took special attention to the usability of the website, which can be visited even if the final user has no javascript.

Of course, some ajax effects make the navigation easier.