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Conran Design Group internal blog

Yet another custom internal blog made in Wordpress. In the link you will see a demo of the site.

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This project was developed for the British company Lothbury IM, through Conran Design Group. It entails a simple but sober and efficient layout, suitable for the kind of business that this website represents.

The project entailed the migration of numerical data from an old database, and graphical representation though bar and donut charts.

Technical Analysis

Once more, WordPress was our chosen platform. We defined three separated phases on this project

  • Design for the new Data Representation: we designed the way we will store the old data in out Worpdress DB structure, using custom post types with custom meta data.
  • Import all old database into the new structure: We developed a special plugin for it.
  • Design of front and back end.

For this last task we used, for the first time, all most advanced technics of front end integrated in our WordPress development platform. This will ensure an easy maintenance and solid structure: frontend dependency packages manager with bower and task manager with grunt.


Another internal tool for corporative social communication. Graphic design was already given. The real definitive website is not accessible, as it has been built to be used only by CDG members, but you can visit a demo of the site CDG internal blog

Technical Analysis

Quite straight forward job since it is meant to work as a blog, and most of these features are already built into WordPress.