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Hitachi internal communication tool

Another internal online tool for communication

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This project (called ‘One Team, One Vision‘) consisted in a blog and communication tool for Hitachi Ltd, . The work was actually made for The Liquid Way Ltd in London, who had Hitachi as the final client, in Maidenhead, Berkshire (UK).

This blog was developed for the internal community of employees at Hitachi Ltd. That is why the website is not public and from here you can only visit a demo of this application.

The blog had a set of particular features and sections. The main one was about creating an area where registered users can post a question to an expert, who was able to answer to it in an open board.

Other sections consisted on a forum, news area and blog.

Technical Analysis

We developed this project in WordPress, using the plugin bbpress to handle the forum. In order to work quickly but efficiently (both were requested 🙂 ) we adapted the WordPress comments feature and tweak it to work on the section Answer the Expert.

Additional tasks were carried on in order to ensure the security of the site, as it is intended to be accessible only by the employees of Hitachi.

From the frontend point of view, we worked on improving the user experierence by adding some Ajax features which allowed to modify or delete your own questions without reloading the page. Lastly, some nice jQuery effects were implemented for the slideshow on the homepage.