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Mª Dolores Arroyo lawyer branding project

Moving to brand to the top

Branding, Print, Web
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Mª Dolores Arroyo is one of our customers from the city of León, Spain. She represents one of the most renowned lawyer’s office in the region, with two open offices.

We had to adapt a small budget to optimize the results of our work, as the Spanish rates are moving into low levels these years. We have to say that we really fullfilled the initial compromise within very reasonable expenses.

Our task was to give a branding service to this lawyer’s office, including a coportative identity, website, promotion and presentation cards. The main idea was to support with a professional image the already celebrated reputation of this lawyer.

Technical analysis

For the website we moved into a professional alredy-built template, getting our photographer in site to take the pictures, and a deep interview with the final client to understand the aim of her work, so we could express it into the website.