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This was our first job for RRonnelley. Since then we made several other cooperations with them, some of them so tiny that we don’t even include them into our portfolio. In this case, the request was easy: create a blog following the graphic design given by Michael Winter, at RRDonnelley. There were quite a few other specifications to follow and customize, to acoomplish the project in 3 weeks of work.

This website is intended to be accessed only internally by RRDonnelley, so only their staff has access to the url. In order to allow the visitor (you) to see the job we created a (almost) replica in our own server.

Technical Analysis

Talking about blogs, we could not choose anything else but WordPress as the building platform. Most of the required request were already WordPress built in features, and the rest were not difficult to implement and customize. An event management with email notifications was implemented, for example. An option to subscribe to a post and get email notifications and an internal communication system were part of the project too.

In terms of the frontend, this project was our first experience with Twitter Bootstrap. We worked on the Bootstrap 2 version, for faster development and responsive design.

Lately we added some small adjustments under demand.