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United Nations project in Cape Verde

Non profit job to promote Volunteering in the islands of Cape Verde

Branding, Print, Web


For 6 months we were volunteering with United Nations in the capital of Cape Verde, Praia, in a project focused in promoting volunteering in the country. Together with the Ministry of Youth, who designed a special team for this purpose, designed a plan to accomplish the task. This project entailed a website with dynamic content, forums, news, a database with all the volunteering and non profit institutions of the country, which was managed by other volunteers.

In addition to that, a whole campaign in local newspapers, magazines and even in TV took place. We worked on the design of the corporative identity, the logo, the character who would represent the idea.

Logo designed for the whole Programme


For 5 years this project was managed and held by this team, which is going to be renewed soon. The website has been a little bit abandoned lately, and the local hostings don’t serve it very quickly. In any case, the task was successfully accomplished for this time and we are happy to help in this non profit projects.

Technical Analysis

We used WordPress as the framework for the website. We designed our own multi language plugin to make it in two languages (Portuguese, English).

For the communication of the team, we opted once more for the google platform: the formation of the local team was another important and no straight forward task, so we had to chose an easy environment to make everyone’s job smoother. Gmail structure for corporative emails (, Google Talk for permanent communication between branches, Google Drive (called Google Documents at that time) to share and cooperate with the rest of the team, as well as calendar settings and Google Sites for small promoting sites, such as a design contest for young participants in Cape Verde.

For the logo, we chose the idea of a hand as the character, and we will use this character in several campaigns, such as printing it in promoting t-shirts or advertise the institution.

Together with the Ministry of Youth we launched initiatives to promote volunteering, such as outdoor activities for young people in everyone of the island and design contests at national level to create a participative community.

Lately, we carried out printing jobs for magazines and banners, with the cooperation of Portuguese companies settled in the island.

One of the characters designed for printed and media campaigns